Board games on tablets and smartphones

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and other Smartphones and tablets are perfectly adapted for the digital transposition of classic board games. Mobility of these devices allows fast games saving the classic time of installation. Technology and mobility, preferred by teenagers and young actives, allows also board games to exit of the familiar square to reach a larger public. Smartphones and tablets, thanks to their internet connection, through online games allow finding at any time other players.



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Do marketing with videogames

Interruptive marketing through mass media reached his limits and the repetition of a message is no more sufficient to convince a more and more critical public. People receive positively advertising if it offers a free experience. Facebook, YouTube are based on this principle and offer free content to user in exchange for advertising. Games as marketing instruments allow focusing the gamer’s attention on a clear subject, product, message or brand. Games require time, from few minutes to hours to finish some levels, much more than TV spots, billboards and press can offer. This time allows establishing a strong relation between the brand’s universe and the player that during his experience will integrate his values, messages. Experience’s memories will so be stronger and conversion rate in visitors of the website and clients will be enhanced. This is our main goal: transform the game in an efficient advertising medium making the user familiar with the universe of the brand and convert him in potential client.

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