Tiny Bull Studios is an indie game developer based in Turin, Italy. The idea was born from the video game passion of Matteo and Rocco, two Virtual Reality and Multimedia magisters, now leading a team of skilled professionals. Tiny Bull Studios creates games for mobile devices, PC and home consoles.


Omen Exitio

Clients & Partner


Matteo Lana

Matteo Lana


Per aspera ad astra.

Rocco Luigi Tartaglia

Rocco Luigi Tartaglia


It’s over 9000!

Arianna Ciardi

Arianna Ciardi

Art Director

Seeing the world in #ffffff and #000000 makes you miss the other 16,777,214 colours of life.

Simone Grosso

Simone Grosso

Game Designer

Eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.

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